English classes back again at Dreasha!

After a lengthy absence we are finally starting English classes at Dreasha again! Everyone has been super patient with me while things were hectic and I’m elated to finally be able to begin teaching my special brand of English classes, free of charge, to the Dreasha residents again.

I know what you’re thinking, “what makes your English classes so special Xan?” Well,


let me tell you. Not only are they taught by a total badass (yours truly) but the focus of the class can shift wildly based on what people want to learn. I can cover anything from basic grammar, to Southern dialect (“Southern Drawl” my native English), and everything in between. Before the aforementioned hiatus we even covered all the different ways to ask for your favorite drink, and all the words you need to say to people who you don’t like (or to your friends, English is weird like that).


Big thanks again to everyone who came out and tried to practice English with me again, its a hard language and I had a blast talking with y’all last night.


Hope to see you at the next class!